Garcinia Cambogia HCA65™

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"The Holy Grail"?

That's what the famous TV doctor called garcinia cambogia.

Why This Product Is The Better Choice

Two differences make this product the better choice:

1- It has a higher concentration of the active ingredient, HCA than most. It contains a full 65% where most others have only 60%.

2- It's one of the very few that contains NO calcium, which has been shown to decrease absorption2.

Are There Side Effects?

Garcinia has been used for cooking for thousands of years, so it is generally regarded as safe for most people. However, there are a few interactions with modern medication you should look out for:

  • If you’re diabetic or on diabetic medication you should consult your physician
  • Those on statin drugs should consult their physician
  • If you have Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia, you should not take garcinia

Also, you shouldn’t take garcinia if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

You do have to keep in mind that natural products work differently for everyone. But hundreds of years of traditional use and brand new studies don’t lie!

Why Get it Here

Every product on this site is backed by our 365-day "Feel-Better-or-It's-FREE™" Guarantee. If it doesn't work or you're not happy for any reason, return whatever is left (even the empty bottle) within one year and get your money back. No hoops to jump, no questions to answer. Simple and secure.

No auto-billing or auto-shipping ever. Should you decide you want more, you'll just have to come back and buy more.

You can be confident that this is a higher quality, better value Garcinia Cambogia product. We settle for nothing less!

1H Kohsuke. “Effects of Garcinia cambogia (Hydroxycitric Acid) on Visceral Fat Accumulation: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial.” Current Therapeutic Research. 2003 Sept;64(8):551-567. 2Downs BW. “Bioefficacy of a novel calcium-potassium salt of (-)-hydroxycitric acid.” Mutation Research. 2005 Nov 11;579(1-2):149-62. Epub 2005 Aug 1.

Retail Price: $69.99 ...
Our Price: $49.00
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"Feel Better -OR- it's Free" Guarantee™

We stand behind every product we sell for 60 days...

If you use it as recommended and it doesn't deliver the results promised,
simply return the empty container for an immediate [no questions asked] refund. Most retailers will sell anything as long as it earns a profit. Not Us. Life is just too short to waste your time with fad products that don't deliver.

* No other terms and condition. No fine print of any kind, isn't it nice to leave the lawyers out, it saves all of us money.

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