Rag Tag ALIVE Individual Issues

Rag-Tag Elite Members receive each monthly issue via mail as part of their monthly Elite Privileges. (Learn more about becoming Rag Tag Elite here). Individual issues are $19.95 and are available here.

Issue 1: Healthy On The Go

The inaugural issue of Rag Tag ALIVE tackles the basics of staying healthy even though life is hectic.

Articles In This Issue Cover:

- Habits. How they're formed, and the scientific way to break bad ones (no matter how deeply entrenched) and establish good ones

- Guilt. Why you shouldn't feel guilty for not living up to unrealistic health goals

- Realistic tips on how to eat healthier at the drive-thru and fit more exercise into a busy day

- Real World Ruby, the exclusive RTA comic strip and Geeks Corner monthly advice column

- Why the real enemy is Time, and how every step we take in a healthier direction helps defeat this nemesis!

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Issue #2: Discover The Science Of Happiness

For the last 15 years, science has been looking into what makes people happy. And they've discovered some concrete ways we can all have a greater sense of well-being and happiness in our lives.

Articles In This Issue Cover:

- Why the things we think will make us happy often won't

- How biology affects our happiness, and what happens in our brains when we feel happy feelings

- Ways to stimulate more of the "happy hormones" that make our brains feel so good

- 6 "Habits of Happiness" that lead to a more fulfilling life

- 3 Different types of happiness and how each contribute to our overall well being

- What it really takes to make us truly happy

- Why pursuing our own happiness not only isn't selfish, it can make the world a better place

- Real World Ruby, the exclusive RTA comic strip and Geeks Corner monthly advice column

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Issue #3: Fight The Clock

Is there anything we can do to slow the hands of time? To live longer, healthier lives? Of course there is!

Articles In This Issue Cover:

Scientific discoveries that show how to keep our minds sharp as we get older

The 4 habits that can increase your lifespan by up to a decade!

Tips for looking younger at any age

How misconceptions about aging can shorten your lifespan

A mafia accountant and a national hero that prove its never too late to change

- Real World Ruby, the exclusive RTA comic strip and Geeks Corner monthly advice column

Available August 1

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