Welcome To The Safer Place To Shop

Every week it seems there’s a new “miracle” recommendation from some famous personality. And the minute that happens, companies spring up overnight hoping to take advantage of the resulting frenzy.

But it’s different here.

Reason #1 Why It’s Safer To Shop Here: We ONLY Offer Quality.

When a TV or other famous personality recommends a product, we don’t rush to put out the cheapest, watered down version just so we can cash in. We find higher quality versions — based on the scientific research — the ones that are most likely to work the way they said it would.

In many cases, we're the only place these quality products can be found. Because you get what you pay for, and most other companies just want to maximize profit.

........    So what does it mean to be “aPP-aPProved?”

First, rest assured we take selecting and approving products very seriously. They must be manufactured to the highest standards here in America; in cGMP facilities; registered with the FDA.     Raw ingredients AND finished products must all pass independent 3rd party lab testing.

Second, any product with the "aPP-aPProved" seal must be based on the science. It must be in the ratio, the form and the dosage that was used in the research to get the result.

*** All of which means — when you see the “aPP aPProved” seal, you know it's one of the most proven product in its category.

Reason #2 Why It’s Safer To Shop Here: NO Sneaky Automatic Billing

One thing we NEVER EVER do as a company is automatically bill & ship products. When you order from us, you’re ordering what’s in your cart today and NOTHING ELSE. You will never be surprised a month from now when you see your credit card bill.

If you want more, you’ll have to come back and order again. It’s that simple.

Reason #3 Why It’s Safer To Shop Here: An Unprecedented 60-Day Guarantee

Unlike other websites, you have a full 60 days to try out your purchases from us. At any time during that period, if you’re unhappy for any reason, send whatever is left (even an empty bottle) back for a full refund. We won’t ask questions, we won’t require some “authorization number” – we won’t make you jump through any hoops at all. We’ll just refund your money.

It doesn't get much safer than that!

"Feel Better -OR- it's Free" Guarantee™

We stand behind every product we sell for 60 days...

If you use it as recommended and it doesn't deliver the results promised,
simply return the empty container for an immediate [no questions asked] refund. Most retailers will sell anything as long as it earns a profit. Not Us. Life is just too short to waste your time with fad products that don't deliver.

* No other terms and condition. No fine print of any kind, isn't it nice to leave the lawyers out, it saves all of us money.

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