Simply Raspberry Ketones™ Invited to Sundance Film Festival

Lexington, Kentucky – December 23, 2012 – Simply Raspberry Ketones™ has been invited to be featured at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

Simply Raspberry Ketones™ is the only raspberry ketone product that will be showcased at the event, and will be featured in the Project Green Music & Entertainment Lounge, featuring the Alive! Expo Green Pavilion & Mix Media Awards Suite. The Pavilion exposes natural and green products, introducing them to the stars and VIPs attending Sundance.

Brianna Barnes and
Natasha Lannin get their
Simply Raspberry Ketones™

“It’s an honor to be chosen to participate in such a prestigious event,” said aProvenProduct Research Director Lisa Anniston, adding that Simply Raspberry Ketones™ will also be featured in gift bags to exclusive celebrity and VIP attendees.

What Are Raspberry Ketones?

Industry insiders flock
to our booth at Sundance

Mentioned by the doctor as the #1 “Miracle in a Bottle,” raspberry ketones are known for their serious weight loss potential. Studies show raspberry ketones can increase the production of adiponectin, a hormone involved in the breakdown of fat cells for energy.

Why Simply Raspberry Ketones™?

Everyone was excited to try
Simply Raspberry Ketones™

Simply Raspberry Ketones™ contains the purest in natural raspberry ketones, not blends or other ingredients. aProvenProduct’s research team thoroughly studied every raspberry ketone product possible to offer only the most effective product on the market.

“We worked very hard to find a product that was derived from real raspberries and that can work for as many people as possible, and that’s why we were invited to Sundance,” said Anniston.

Hollywood Is Buzzing Over
Simply Raspberry Ketones™

Why? Because This Is "The One That Works!"

Tia Barr from Sons of Anarchy loved Simply Raspberry Ketones™

It all started when one of the producers associated with the Sundance Film Festival bought Simply Raspberry Ketones™ for herself. She had done her homework and chose this brand because they are:

**Actually derived from real raspberries - not synthetic</p>

**Contain no additives or fillers of any kind

**The dose found effective in studies

And she was amazed at her results. Quite simply, they work.

At that point, she reached out to aProvenProduct, and we were invited to showcase Simply Raspberry Ketones™ at the Sundance Film Festival.

Celebrites And Media Snatch Up Our Supplies

Christina Calph from the movies Tower Heist and Arthur

From the moment the doors opened, our booth was packed. Everyone we spoke to was excited - some had tried other products that hadn't worked for them. Others had heard about raspberry ketones and wanted to try. Others had never heard of them at all before now.

Before long, word had spread and people were saying, "So-and-so got this yesterday and said I HAVE to try it!" They quickly snapped up every bottle we had brought.

"This Stuff Is Amazing!"

Claudine Ohayon from the movie Concussion which premiered at Sundance this year

The producer of our event was raving about us (we were part of a celebrity "gifting suite" and green room where the stars could hang out before interviews) and several people commented on the success she'd had.

Holly Fields from The OC can't wait to try Simply Raspberry Ketones™

Stars such as Matthew McConaughey, Alicia Keyes and Jennifer Hudson got their Simply Raspberry Ketones™ via the exclusive gift bags given to A-list invited guests. Other stars and industry figures came through the "gifting" area of lounge to grab their bottle. See if you recognize some of the faces.

"I Tried Another Brand. It Didn't Work!"

We heard from more than one attendee that other brands simply hadn't worked for them. We weren't surprised. We've not found any other brand that can offer the same NATURAL quality, dose, and high standards anywhere.

Sundance Film Festival 2013 Invites

Look Who Got
Simply Raspberry Ketones™
In Their Sundance Gift Bag!

Alicia Keyes

Mariel Hemingway & Jane Lynch

Jennifer Hudson

Naiomi Watts

Nicole Kidman

Matthew McConaughey

Shailene Woodley

Kaycee Stroh

Michael Cera

So How Can You Get Some, Too?

First, go get the Simply Raspberry Ketones™ 3-Pack. (the 3-Pack is best). Not only does it meet all the above requirements, it's also gluten-free and certified vegeterian.

Second, plan to take at least 1,000mg per day. Yes - that's a lot more than most say you need. But that's the amount it took to get results in the studies. This is a full 30-day supply at that dose.

Third, be prepared for the difference!


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  • 1 Full Year Money Back Guarantee
  • No auto-billing surprises
  • 500mg capsule
  • 60 capsules per bottle
  • No fillers or additives of any kind

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  • 60 capsules per bottle
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Get Raspberry Ketones Now

Is there anything we've missed in our research? Please let us know via the "Contact Us" link at the top of this page.

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"Feel Better -OR- it's Free" Guarantee™

We stand behind every product we sell for 60 days...

If you use it as recommended and it doesn't deliver the results promised,
simply return the empty container for an immediate [no questions asked] refund. Most retailers will sell anything as long as it earns a profit. Not Us. Life is just too short to waste your time with fad products that don't deliver.

* No other terms and condition. No fine print of any kind, isn't it nice to leave the lawyers out, it saves all of us money.

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