How Can You Avoid Raspberry Ketones Products That Won't Work?

We just completed a survey of the raspberry ketone marketplace. We wanted to see what kind of companies and products came up with a basic Google search for a quality raspberry ketones product. What did we discover? This video below might surprise you:

Stop! Please Read Before Buying A Raspberry Ketones Supplement .

Before you buy a Raspberry Ketones supplement, there's something you need to know. Fly-by-night supplement makers are coming out of the woodwork and rush producing their own raspberry ketones product to cash in on the biggest dietary supplement craze of 2012!

While these supplements may be affordable, they may not be as "all-natural" as the label says. Worse yet, these supplements likely do not contain enough natural raspberry ketones to boost metabolic properties and melt away that hard-to-lose belly fat. Weight loss results with raspberry ketones are largely dependent on the purity and quality of the ketones you're buying.

Why Raspberry Ketones Are So Trendy Right Now

Ketones are the “it” thing right now in both the weight loss and dietary supplement industries. All thanks to Dr. Oz hailing the supplement as “The Number One Miracle In A Bottle” for fat burning in a segment titled “5 Biggest Fat Busters For 5 Different Body Types.”

Just Watch For False Claims And Exaggerations

Some sites get carried away with the hype. Claims of losing up to 30lbs in 30 days with a raspberry ketones supplement are exaggerated. People can realistically drop 7-10 pounds in a short period of time with raspberry ketones supplementation in combination with a reasonable diet and exercise.

It appears to be particularly helpful when it comes to burning that stubborn midsection/belly fat that we've all declared war on at one point or another.

Sadly The Quality Of Raspberry Ketones Were Much Higher Pre-Oz

The high quality raspberry ketones supplements championed by Dr. Oz were only marketed and sold by several supplement makers. Getting pure raspberry ketone powder is expensive. Raspberry ketones are some of the most expensive natural components in the world. Before they were trending worldwide, the cost of a kilo of all-natural pure raspberry ketones was thought to be too high for the product to be profitable for any supplement maker.

There are still just a few companies willing to invest in quality. This is why high quality natural raspberry ketones can cost up to $60 per bottle. They may cost more, but they're the only type of product that has a chance of working for you.

But something happened once raspberry ketones became so popular...

The Market Is Now Inundated With Cheap Raspberry Ketones Supplements That CAN NOT Work

That infamous episode of the Dr. Oz Show originally aired in March of 2012. Soon thereafter, bottles of raspberry ketones were flying off the shelves at stores, while online retailers experienced an inventory back order. People wanted their raspberry ketones and couldn't get their hands on a bottle.

Suddenly countless websites appeared out of nowhere, with images of Dr. Oz, as if to say that Mehmet Oz himself was endorsing THEIR product.

So they've given us cheap inexpensive bottles. They look for shortcuts in the raw ingredients (without caring about effectiveness) that drive down manufacturing and production costs, while boosting their bottom line... profit!

Here are a few examples...

Common Shortcuts Used By The New Breed Of Raspberry Ketone Supplement Makers

You DO NOT Want Raspberry Ground Up Into A Powder

Some supplement manufacturers are just grinding red raspberries into a powder, encapsulating them, and marketing this as raspberry ketones. While red raspberries are good for us, and full of antioxidants, the natural abundance of ketones in one red raspberry are actually quite low.

We'd have to eat 120 to 1000 pounds of raspberries to get anything close to a 500mg dosage of raspberry ketones. That number varies because ketone content in red raspberries is dependent on harvest times.

So ground up raspberry extract IS NOT the same as raspberry ketones. What you have is a raspberry supplement with perhaps some very minimal ketones, NOT a raspberry ketones supplement!

You DO NOT Want Blends

Many raspberry ketone supplement makers are more or less combining a minimal amount of raspberry ketones into a blend with other antioxidant/weight loss powerhouses like green tea, acai, or african mango, along with loads of caffeine and other stimulants.

You want at least 500mg of raspberry ketone per serving. And raspberry ketone should be the ONLY ingredient. This is the human equivalent to the mice study referenced earlier. 100 -200mg will not do anything for you.

You DO NOT Want Synthetics

You want 100% Pure All-Natural Raspberry Ketones. Something that comes from an actual raspberry and isn't born on a petrie dish. Remember when we talked about how purchasing pure raspberry ketone powder can be costly?

To counter that cost, and offer a cheaper product, ketones are sometimes be synthetically grown in a lab. NATURAL raspberry ketones were used in the studies, not synthetics.

All synthetic raspberry ketone does is save the supplement company expenses on raw ingredients, giving them a bigger margin of profit.

Simply Raspberry Ketones™ Is Priced For Quality... Not To Cash In On The Latest Craze

Simply Raspberry Ketones™ - contains no blends or other ingredients, only the purest natural Raspberry Ketones at the dose most likely to be effective.

This formula is so good that other supplement makers have attempted to copy it, although with lesser quality since they don't have access to the same raw ingredients used in Simply Raspberry Ketones™.

Additionally, we here at aPP-aPProved believe so much in Simply Raspberry Ketones™ that we stand by it for a full year after purchase. The "Feel Better -OR- it's Free" Guarantee™ means that if this product fails to deliver results, the empty container can be returned for a full refund with no questions asked!

Most of you have invested in supplements or weight loss products only to find out they were nothing but hype. There is absolutely no-risk of that here! This is also a testimony to how much we believe in the quality of this product!

So What Should You Do Now?

First, go get Simply Raspberry Ketones™. (the 3-Pack is best). Not only does it meet all the requirements above, it's also gluten free and certified vegeterian.

Second, plan to take at least 1,000mg per day. Yes - that's a lot more than most say you need. But that's the amount it took to get results in the studies. This is a full 30-day supply at that dose.

Third, be prepared for the difference!

Get Simply Raspberry Ketones™ Now

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"Feel Better -OR- it's Free" Guarantee™

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* No other terms and condition. No fine print of any kind, isn't it nice to leave the lawyers out, it saves all of us money.

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