GC50™ Was Invited To
2013 Academy Awards

“Fat Burner That Works” To Be Available To Stars
And VIPs During Annual Event

Lexington, Kentucky – February 18, 2013 – GC50™ (Or More) Green Coffee Extract was invited to be featured at events surrounding the 2013 Academy Awards in Los Angeles, CA.

GC50™ is the only Green Coffee Bean product that was showcased at the event, and was featured in the Project Green Music & Entertainment Lounge, featuring the Alive! Expo Green Pavilion & Mix Media Awards Suite. The Pavilion highlights natural and green products, introducing them to the stars and VIPs attending the Oscars.

“We are so excited to participate in this event!” said aProvenProduct Research Director Lisa Anniston, adding that GC50™ will also be featured in gift bags to exclusive attendees.

Green Coffee Bean skyrocketed to prominence when it was featured on a major daytime Doc's TV show where it was dubbed “The fat burner that works.”

Selected For Maximum Potency & Effectiveness

GC50™ is unique among green coffee bean supplements for its focus on maximum potency and stringent quality controls. It selects coffee beans based on Chlorogenic Acid concentration (CA is the active ingredient) and guarantees a minimum of 50% concentration. Most of the time, however, the actual concentration is even higher. Each lot is 3rd Party Tested to ensure this higher concentration.

“We searched high and low for a Green Coffee Bean supplement that would really work,” says Anniston. “GC50™ was more powerful than even the name-brands recommended on the (Dr. Oz) show. That’s why this product was invited to the Oscars.”

Hollywood Is Buzzing Over
GC50(Or MORE)™

Why? Because This Is "The One That Works!"

Adrienne Frantz from The Bold & the Beautiful loved GC50™

It all started when one of the producers of the pre-Academy Awards "gifting suite" tried some of our products. She especially liked GC50™ because it:

Contains More Chlorogenic Acid (the active ingredient) than others on the market

Is the ONLY product on the market designed to be taken 3x a day - which is how the science says it will work best

Contains NO additives or fillers of any kind

She's been amazed at her results. Quite simply, This stuff works!

So we were invited to share GC50™ with celebrities and media at a pre-awards gifting suite.

Celebrites And Media Snatch Up Our Supplies

Actress and Model Angela Paige

From the moment the doors opened we had a steady stream of visitors. Over and over again we saw the excitement in people's eyes as they learned about GC50™. Many had heard about green coffee bean on TV, a few had even tried other brands.

Word spread quickly, and our supplies went fast. We thought we had brought more than enough but by the halfway point we were already running very low. We spent the last hour of the event completely out of stock!

"This Stuff Is Amazing!"

Tenille Houston

The producer of our event was raving about us (we were part of a celebrity "gifting suite" and green room where the stars could hang out before interviews) and several people commented on the success she'd had.

Patrick Kilpatrick gets his GC50™

Attendees were excited to learn that by taking GC50™ 20 minutes before meals, the chlorogenic acid could block their bodies from absorbing glucose. This can cause the body to dip into fat stores for energy and is how green coffee bean is thought to aid in weight loss.

"I Tried Another Brand. It Didn't Work!"

Award Winning Gospel Singer Adrian Anderson loved GC50™

We heard from more than one attendee that other brands simply hadn't worked for them. We weren't surprised. We've not found any other brand that can offer the same NATURAL quality, dose, and high standards anywhere.

GC50™ scours the planet to find coffee beans with the highest concentrations of chlorogenic acid. Those beans - from different harvests, different types of coffee even - are mixed to create the strongest green coffee extract on the market. Guaranteed to have at least 50% chlorogenic acid, and each lot is third party tested to verify this claim. Every lot tested so far has come back at least 51% - 52%.

No other green coffee supplement can match that potency. And when you include the fact that no other supplement is designed to be taken 3x per day - like the studies have found effective - you see why others just don't measure up.

Look Who Got GC50™
In Their Oscar Gift Bag!

Glee's Bill Jones

Kim Estes (House)

Phil Brock (Young & Restless)

2013 "Queen Of The Universe" Ivette Saucedo

Lorielle New

Ben Milliken

Janice Dickinson

Music Producer Mike Muse

So How Can YOU Get Some, Too?

We wholeheartedly recommend you go get GC50™ Green Coffee Bean (The 3-Pack is best). We've gone through a lot of trouble to make sure it's the most effective option available.


  • Retail Price $59.99
  • Our Price $39.99
  • 1 Full Year Money Back Guarantee
  • No automatic shipping surprises
  • 1 full month supply at 3 doses per day
  • 50% Chlorogenic Acid For Maximum Effectiveness
  • Less Than 5% Caffeine - No Jumpiness or Jitters

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Coffee Bean Now


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  • Less Than 5% Caffeine - No Jumpiness or Jitters

Get GC50™ Green
Coffee Bean Now


  • List Price: $194.97
  • 3-Pack for $134.97
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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  • 500mg capsule
  • 3 full months supply at 3 doses per day
  • 50% Chlorogenic Acid For Maximum Effectiveness
  • Less Than 5% Caffeine - No Jumpiness or Jitters

Get GC50™ Green
Coffee Bean Now

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