Freshleaf Moringa Oleifera™ Was Invited To
2013 Academy Awards

“Energy Blaster” To Be Available To Stars
And VIPs During Annual Event

Lexington, Kentucky – February 18, 2013 – Freshleaf Moringa Oleifera™ was invited to be featured at events surrounding the 2013 Academy Awards in Los Angeles, CA.

Freshleaf Moringa Oleifera™ is the only Moringa Oleifera product showcased at the event, and was featured in the Project Green Music & Entertainment Lounge, featuring the Alive! Expo Green Pavilion & Mix Media Awards Suite. The Pavilion highlights natural and green products, introducing them to the stars and VIPs attending the Oscars.

Known as the "Miracle Tree" in its native India, Moringa is one of the most exciting superfood discoveries in years. It's so packed with nutrients the Moringa Oleifera redefines the term "superfood".

Freshleaf Moringa Oleifera skyrocketed to prominence when it was featured on a major daytime Doc's TV show where it was dubbed “The Miracle Tree.”

Selected For Maximum Potency & Effectiveness

Freshleaf Moringa Oleifera™ is unique among the superfood supplements for its focus on maximum potency and stringent quality controls. It only comes from FRESH moringa leaves. The longer the leaves sit after being picked, the more nutrients that are lost in the process. Of course processing them quickly takes labor.. and that costs money. If you see a very low cost moringa supplement, you can be sure it's not fresh and effective.

“We searched high and low for a Moringa Oleifera supplement that would really work,” says Anniston. “Freshleaf Moringa Oleifera™ was more powerful than even the name-brands recommended on the (Dr. Oz) show. That’s why this product was invited to the Oscars.”

Hollywood Is Buzzing Over
Freshleaf Moringa Oleifera™

Excitement Is Building Around The Newest Superfood Supplement!"

Famous actor, comedian and producer Andy Dick loved the Freshleaf Moringa Oleifera™

Hollywood is used to premiers, but this one was different.

It was Oscar Week, and the Celebrity Gifting Lounge had a steady stream of VIP's. But the biggest buzz was definitely around Freshleaf Moringa. Celebrities and media were the first to be introduced to this amazing new product, and they were definitely excited about it. After all, Moringa Oleifera is poised to be one of the hottest trends of 2013.

And why not? This leaf from what locals in the Indian Himalayas call the "miracle tree" is setting a new standard for the term "superfood."

It's nutritional profile includes:

**Seven times more vitamin C than an orange

**Three times the potassium of a banana

**Three times the iron of almonds, and as much as 25 times more than spinach

**Four times the calcium of milk, and twice the protein

**47 different antioxidants

The Premier Moringa Supplement

Battle Of Los Angeles film actor Gerald Webb

Of course, only one moringa supplement was invited to be showcased during Oscar Week. Freshleaf Moringa™ was chosen because of its commitment to freshness and purity.

Leaves are picked, washed and sorted within hours - before they get a chance to begin losing their nutrients. Immediately dehydrated and steam treated for purity, the entire leaf is then milled into powder and encapsulated. NO extracts, NO fillers or "other ingredients" are used.

Which means Freshleaf Moringa ™ delivers the freshest, most nutrient dense dose of moringa available.

Celebrities And Media
Snatch Up Our Supplies

Actress & Musician Olivia Grace

From the moment the doors opened to our gifting suite, we had a steady stream of visitors. And they snatched up every bottle we had brought. In fact, we ran out well before the event was scheduled to end.

If the reaction in Hollywood is any indication, we'll be lucky to keep this exciting new product in stock now that it's available to everyone!

Look Who Got Their Very Own Freshleaf Moringa Oleifera™

Actors Brenden Eggersten and Jimmy Deshler

Actress Christina De Rosa

Daniel Nguyen and Janna VanHeertum from Tosh.O

Ace Marerro from Law & Order

Angelique Bates and Anquenitta Williams

Singer Deep Paige

Emma Bateman, Saige Ryan Campbell, Danika Yarosh, Nolan Bateman

Actress & Musician Jon Mack

So How Can YOU Get Some, Too?

We wholeheartedly recommend you go get Freshleaf Moringa Oleifera™ (The 3-Pack is best). We've gone through a lot of trouble to make sure it's the most effective option available.


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Get Freshleaf Moringa Oleifera™

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